Yet another yoga studio gentrifying and colonizing everything in their path and using “POC safe space” as a way to veil their violence as benevolence. They have also used water protectors pictures without permission.
It has become evident that the savior and colonizer behavior that had to be checked at Standing Rock
has now migrated back to other areas and opportunist are thriving. 

Feel free to leave a one star review and warn POC of this Seattle studio before they get pulled in, used as a prop and disposed of for this fraudulent scheme. Self proclaimed “allies” really need to do better and stop fooling themselves into thinking that coerced colonizing  with zero dynamics of reciprocity mean they deserve cookies. What you are doing is reprehensible and you need to be accountable. Im tired of seeing Indigenous peoples stereotyped as hostile and savage, when colonizers forever whitewash and appropriate Native traditions for their own means. Im tired of seeing Indigenous/POC constantly having to check these behaviors and then being condemned and demonized for it. This is unacceptable.  

Co opting and benefiting from Indigenous spirituality as NON NATIVES see it a form of cultural genocide and lateral violence against NTV peoples.

Using Water Protectors images without their permission is illegal, and everything else in this incident is just a straight up travesty.

Im so tired of Non NTVS profiting off NTV identity while actual NTVs can’t even exist in peace…

Visit the page. SHut them down.

^^^^^THIS. I didnt even touch on how even the name “TIGER LILY” is problematic because I knew it would lead to derailment and justification from settlers. But if this isnt the most blatant example of how colonizers benefit from exploiting Native people only to further colonize other cultures….

Just as an update:

After several inquiries on the Water Is Life rally from several Native women about the Yoga studios’ accountability, they deleted the post without answering ANY of our questions. 

And that’s after they trolled all the WOC that left them negative reviews, saying things like they “had no integrity”. See the way erasure works, not only of Native voices when they outright deleted the post and ignored us, (settlers don’t see Native ppl as human and they know they have the structural power to erase us) but they then proceeded to gaslight WOC with arrogance. But ppl will swear that WW are fragile and they don’t coerce WOC forcefully into silence when they try to educate ppl or hold ppl accountable of violent behaviors. It’s clear that there was never was “good intent” even if mislead or mis informed or they would t be responding to ppl like they are.


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